Maybe Josh Gordon believes that idle hands are the devil's playground. Or maybe he's just discovered a passion for working a sales floor.

Either way, Josh Gordon isn't giving up his new job as a car salesman. Despite recently having his season-long ban for drug use reduced to 10 games by the NFL, the Browns wide receiver continues to put in long hours with the Sarchione Auto Group in Randolph, Ohio.

The owner of the dealership told that while Gordon will see his schedule change, he still plans to serve as a goodwill ambassador for the company.

A key provision of Gordon's reduced sentence is that he is now allowed to work out at team facilities. Previously, he was banned from all Browns facilities. After revising the league's drug policy, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell downgraded Gordon's suspension, which was for marijuana use.

That means Gordon will now be working out on team property most days of the week. The dealership owner acknowledged that they would have to make some adjustments, but that all parties still plan on seeing Gordon show up for work.

Gordon has reportedly been working full days at the dealership and has made an earnest effort to learn the car sales trade. While the star receiver hasn't made a sale yet, he's remaining upbeat and continuing to receive training from the staff.

It might not make much sense to most fans, but at least Gordon's continued commitment to the dealership suggests that he's trying to become a more responsible individual.

That's always been a question mark for the highly talented receiver, so Browns fans should be excited about the 23-year-old's busy schedule.

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