LeBron James is helping to produce a new comedy series on Starz, and he held a private screening Thursday night at the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland.

Of course, Johnny Manziel attended -- and gave it a thumbs-up.

The show, called Survivor's Remorse, is about how a basketball player handles the life changes that come with signing a megabucks pro contract. The main character, named Cam Calloway and played by actor Jessie T. Usher, is forced to deal with pressures from his family and friends.

"So many things hit home to me," Manziel told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "I felt like Cam."

The premiere episode of the show, which is not based on LeBron's life, will be on Oct. 4. Veteran TV executive Tom Werner (Cosby Show, Rosanne) is part of the production team and told the Plain-Dealer the show focuses on "greed and gratitude."

"We've had so many visions and to have a team around us to allow our visions to become a reality I think it's the ultimate," James told the Plain-Dealer. "This is just one of them. We have quite a few."

NSFW Alert: This trailer contains R-rated language, so set your audio accordingly.

The next project for Spring Hill Productions, the company that James and business partner Maverick Carter own, has been determined. But the plan is to produce it in northeast Ohio, which is part of James' goal to connecting with the local community.