With a game-winning hit against the Baltimore Orioles, Derek Jeter manufactured an unforgettable ending to his career at Yankee Stadium.

And if New Yorker and noted baseball fan Jerry Seinfeld had had his way, that's how Jeter's career would have ended. Seinfeld, a longtime Mets fan, told TMZ he thinks Jeter should have sat out the final series of his career, in Boston against the Red Sox.

"He should not have played in Boston," Seinfeld said. "You don't owe anybody anything."

The Red Sox, like every other team the Yankees played this year, had an elaborate farewell ceremony for Jeter that included famous Boston athletes from each of the city's pro sports teams. But perhaps Seinfeld thought it would have been best for Jeter to play his final game at Yankee Stadium.

Seinfeld and Jeter go back nearly two decades, as Jeter appeared alongside Bernie Williams on an episode of Seinfeld.

Jeter was the last active baseball player who appeared on the popular comedy.

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