When Linsanity struck nearly three years ago, Jeremy Lin's story was a heartwarming tale. He climbed over obstacles in college recruitment (eventually starring at Harvard) and NBA D-League deployment (eventually getting his shot with the Knicks) to become the first bona fide Asian-American basketball star.

What gets lost in his story is that while Lin is serious on the court, he is a riot in his free time. Just a few weeks ago, Lin posted a video of him smushing his mother's face into her birthday cake.

Lin has taken his comedic tactics a step further. To celebrate the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds museum in San Francisco, Lin made an appearance ... pretending to be a wax figure. Here is Lin in his fresh new Lakers jersey -- he was traded from the Rockets on July 13 -- startling visitors:

The day at the museum gave Lin, who grew up in the Bay Area and attended Palo Alto High School, a chance to bond with his mother without a cake.

He also made an appearance with the wax figure, Lin in a purple jersey, while wearing street clothes.

There is also a wax figure of Lin at the Madame Tussauds in Beijing. That one features Lin next to Yao Ming with both wearing Rockets jerseys.

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