The tides have turned quickly in Hueytown, Alabama, which is best known as Jameis Winston's hometown. Just three months after the town participated in a formal celebration honoring the Heisman-winning quarterback, disgruntled residents are making their voices heard.

Winston, they say, has lost their support.

According to several residents quoted in a report from, Winston is now suffering the effects of poor leadership while he was an emerging high school football star.

They see the negative attention he has received over the past year -- which range from sexual assault allegations to stealing food from a local grocery store, and now yelling oscenities in a public setting -- as the product of a poor foundation established when Winston was still living in the community.

"I am furious with Jameis," said Hueytown resident Pam Miller to "I came here and saw him play in high school and he was a special talent. But in high school they allowed him to do whatever he wanted. You could see then that there were problems. So no one here, sadly, is shocked by anything he's done.

"His parents haven't held him accountable, his coaches haven't and the police in Tallahassee haven't. I feel bad for him. I pray for him. Because so many people who are supposed to be leaders are failing Jameis."

Gary Jennings, meanwhile, is concerned about where Winston will wind up. The father of a former Cincinnati Bengal in the NFL, Jennings told the paper he thinks someone needs to set Winston straight before further mistakes are made.

"Jameis doesn't have any respect for women and it's like he constantly needs attention," Jennings said. "He's embarrassed Hueytown."

The article's author suggests that Winston has lost the support of most of the small community. He writes that many of those people feel that his current behavior is the product of several influences, including a naiveté toward the consequences of his actions; his mostly rural upbringing, which didn't prepare him for the national spotlight; and an environment growing up where he didn't face consequences for inappropriate behavior.

On top of that, Hueytown isn't necessarily optimistic about Winston's future. Even the individuals that root for him are concerned that the writing is on the wall for the Florida State quarterback, and that, without a drastic change, the young man could wind up sabotaging his future and destroying the opportunities laid out in front of him.

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