It looks like someone's still a little bitter over LeBron James' decision to leave the Miami Heat and sign with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miami resident and popular ESPN personality Dan Le Batard made headlines last week when he tried to buy a full-page ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in an attempt to troll James and Cavaliers fans. It might have looked something like this:

The Plain Dealer rejected Le Batard's request, and so the host of "Highly Questionable" took matters into his own hands.

A billboard recently popped up a quarter mile east of Highway 8 in Akron with a message strikingly similar to the one in the proposed newspaper ad:

The billboard's text is in Comic Sans, a font that many Cavaliers fans would be OK with never reading again.

Underneath the photo of the championship rings is a line that reads: "This ad is paid for by Gonzalo 'Papi' Le Batard and Stugotz." Gonzalo Le Batard is Dan's father and his co-host on "Highly Questionable." Stugotz is the on-air nickname of Le Batard's radio co-host, Jon Weiner.

Greg Cote, a Miami Herald columnist and Le Batard's sometimes co-host, mentioned the billboard in a blog post. He also said Le Batard may have a few other tricks up his sleeve before James' Aug. 8 homecoming event.

Here's what Le Batard texted Cote about the billboard:

"It's just fun anarchy. All meant in fun -- which, of course, will turn into Cleveland people getting filled with rage, poison and irrational hostility and want to use those billboards as a guillotine. Sports are so great, the more irrational the better. This is a publicity stunt disguised as a movement. Please don't tell anyone there is no actual movement."