Steve Horgan is a lifelong Red Sox fan. He will also be an eternal part of Red Sox history.

Last October, Horgan made history from the home bullpen. After 27 years as a police officer and 20 years at Fenway Park, Horgan was stationed in the Red Sox bullpen for the 2013 season. When David Ortiz slugged a game-tying grand slam in the eighth inning of Game 2 of the ALCS last season, the ball narrowly missed Horgan. The officer stared the ball down as he celebrated with his hands in the air.

The reaction gave way to a memorable shot of Horgan with his arms outstretched, as Tigers center fielder Torii Hunter tumbled over the fence. Hunter's legs matched Horgan's arms.

"Because I’m a Sox fan, I just raised my arms," Horgan told the AP.

On Monday, the Red Sox honored Horgan by giving away 1,000 bobbleheads featuring the officer and his pose.

The bobblehead includes Horgan's beard, which he claims he grew in conjunction with the Red Sox players in 2013. The beard was intact for Horgan bobblehead night Monday.

Horgan says he "knows [he's] made it" now that he has a bobblehead.

During the World Series victory parade last fall, Horgan rode alongside Red Sox owner John Henry.

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