In another example of how Rex Ryan is a rare breed, the Jets coach reversed roles with a veteran reporter at a press conference, then proceeded to discuss his respect for the media.

After practice Saturday, rather than fielding questions as usual, Ryan invited ESPN New York's Rich Cimini, the dean of Jets beat writers, to take the podium. Ryan then sat among reporters and asked some questions of his own.

During the give and take with Cimini, Ryan said he saw how coaches and reporters were alike because both have a genuine love of the game. That was the basis of Ryan's understanding and consideration for reporters.

"I always told you guys I appreciate the job that you have," Ryan said. "When I first came here, we tried to provide an environment to where we recognize that."

That was not a sentiment shared by his dad, Buddy Ryan, who was head coach of the Eagles and Cardinals.

"He thought the media was the enemy," Rex said. "You guys are the enemy only when we lose. I get it: We lose. It's going to be negative articles."

Ryan also wondered about handling slow-news days, a reporter's nightmare.

"You've got a job to do," Ryan said. "You know it is a boring day, a flat day, and you've still got a job to do to ask. Is that the toughest thing?"

Cimini, showing the sensibility that has helped him last more than a quarter century on the Jets beat, responded: "When we have a boring, flat day like you said, we come into the press conference hoping -- counting on -- that you will give us something to write about. Giving us a good quote, or some news, a headline."

And oh yeah, ever get tired of all those Tim Tebow questions?

"I'll admit it," Ryan said. "I absolutely did."

Here is the full experience in two clips that run nearly nine minutes in total, via