You can call Ray Rice a lot of names -- and plenty of people have since he was charged with assaulting his fiance in February -- but according to one Washington Post reader, you "yabba dabba don't" compare him to Fred Flintstone.

In a letter to the editor that has gone viral, Marty Kramer of Takoma Park, Md., objected to this line written by Post columnist Sally Jenkins regarding Rice's mild punishment from the league: "... whether it’s an NFL official justifying a two-game penalty for a running back going all Flintstone on his wife ..."

Kramer, 52, countered by saying the reference was unfair to Flintstone. He ended his letter with this sentence:

What Mr. Rice did could perhaps qualify as a stereotype of caveman behavior, Ms. Jenkins, but yabba dabba don't lump Fred Flintstone in with that type of behavior.

Here's a look at the full letter::

Kramer's defense of Flintstone generated so much interest that the Post interviewed him for a story.

"It just shows you how many people were really affected by this show," Kramer told the Post. “[Fred's] just an every-man. He’s just a guy trying to make his way in the world."

Kramer also said that the Bamm-Bamm character, despite his name, is not a good comparison for Rice either.

"He’s always clubbing things, but he’s never actually clubbing anybody,” Kramer told the Post. “I don’t think it had anything to do with domestic violence."