The Milwaukee Brewers' name is a tribute to those who make beer. The team plays at Miller Park, a stadium sponsored by a brewing company. Until 1978, the team used "Beer Barrel Man" as its mascot.

Beer is not treated lightly in Milwaukee.

During the Brewers-Blue Jays game on Wednesday evening, a fan lost about three-fourths of his beer attempting to snag a foul ball. He failed to attain the souvenir and left himself covered in his own drink.

Fox Sports Wisconsin broadcasters Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder could not stand to watch this Milwaukee man get shortchanged on his hefty ballpark beer purchase. After discussing his plight on the TV call, the broadcasters pitched in to get the fan, who, remember, did not actually catch the foul ball, a full beer.

The replacement beer came in a tall glass, upscale by MLB ballparks standards.

According to the broadcast, Anderson and Schroeder used Schroeder's brother to help make the transport. Schroeder, who is referred to by his nickname, "Rock," in the clip, played catcher for the Brewers and Angels from 1983-1990. He was behind the plate for the only no-hitter in Brewers' history, an April 15 outing from Juan Nieves.

The Brewers lost the game 9-5, so it does not appear the good karma of Anderson and Schroeder had an effect on the game.

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