Sorry, Clipper Darrell, the Clippers have a new No. 1 fan.

As part of the official terms in the franchise sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Shelly Sterling will receive the titles of "Clippers Number One Fan" and "Owner Emeritus" for the rest of her life.

Sterling, the estranged wife of former owner Donald Sterling, was instrumental in the sale after tapes were released in April of her 80-year-old husband spewing racist remarks. That $2 billion transaction was finalized this week in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Perhaps as a kind gesture toward Shelly, who helped expedite the sale, the team's new ownership threw in some nice provisions. These include the promise of three championship rings should the Clippers win it all.

As for a provision that would've given Shelly Sterling up to $200 million in franchise equity through a charitable foundation in her name, the LA Times reports that will not be exercised because her husband didn't consent to the sale.

Still, this is a pretty good haul for Sterling. Aside from these perks, the $2 billion from Ballmer goes to the Sterling Family Trust. Based on recent legal and medical findings, she is now the sole trustee of that trust.

It'll be interesting to see whether she takes advantage of the tickets, as she may not be positively received by Clippers fans. She's been dogged by controversy over the past few years, and hasn't received the best publicity in the wake of the sale.

As for her new title, well, that's still up for debate.

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