In Derek Jeter's final season, tributes and gifts have reached ridiculous proportions. There is the New Jersey farm that carved a five-acre corn maze in Jeter's likeness. In Texas, George W. Bush gave him a personal painting. Former teammate Robinson Cano spent $34,000 on watch.

One fan in Kansas City might have taken this to a whole other level of creativity (or creepiness, depending on your perspective). At Monday night's Yankees-Royals game, this fan displayed a sign with Jeter playing the role of Mona Lisa.

The artistic concoction depicts Jeter's face, along with a bat and glove, on Leonardo da Vinci's classic portrait. A cameramen for Fox Sports Kansas City documented this in the top of the sixth inning:

Notice the sign uses the word "masterpiece" to describe Jeter. This was in Kansas City. K.C. Masterpiece. Oh, the delicious wit.

Perhaps it is something about the venue. Jeter, who had two RBI in the Yankees' 5-1 win, had been greeted by two Royals fans wearing cat-print tank tops and holding signs that saluted him as "One Classy Cat" in June.

Anyone else look at the Jeter-Mona Lisa mashup and think of the botched restoration of the ecce homo fresco of Jesus?

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