It's been quite a year for Ted Mosby. After nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, the central character finally finished telling his children the story of how he met their mother.

After the finale, Mosby got another treat: LeBron James' return to Cleveland. The fictional character hails from Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. During the course of the series, Mosby, who lives in New York, shows loyalty to Cleveland sports teams, especially the Indians.

Mosby is portrayed by Josh Radnor, also an Ohio native but from the capital city of Columbus.

In a video on Entertainment Weekly, Radnor and Mosby's worlds collide on the topic of LeBron James. One is unaffected. The other is ecstatic.

Although Radnor may have got over the top with his renewal of Mosby's character, it is a nostalgic sight to see Mosby still existing. Radnor brings back Mosby's flamboyant personality and energetic demeanor. He also uses two HIMYM props: A Wesleyan shirt (Mosby's alma mater, along with the characters Marshall and Lily) and a blue French horn.

During James' four-year stint in Miami, the HIMYM writers did weave a line into Mosby's character:

Although James is returning home, there is no sign of Ted Mosby making a comeback to television. Maybe that homecoming is four years away.

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