Baseball cards in recent years have included pieces of jerseys, bats, hats and now ... facial hair?

A group of 25 cards in Topps' Allen & Ginter "Oddity" line will contain clippings from the beard maintained by outfielder Daniel Nava during Boston's 2013 World Series run. As you may remember, the Red Sox players' facial hair became somewhat of a good luck charm for the team last fall.

Nava played in nine games during Boston's 2013 postseason run, recording five hits and three walks in 25 at-bats.

One of the cards has already been spotted on eBay, with the high bid surpassing $200.

Nava's beard card is just one of several bizarre relics in Topps' "Oddity" line. Dr. James Andrews, the famed surgeon who has treated Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper and Nerlens Noel (among others), has his own card.

There's even a "storyboard card" for Vince Gilligan, creator of "Breaking Bad":

In the past, the "Oddity" line has included cards with a piece of the menu from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding and a piece of the fence from the grassy knoll where President Kennedy was assassinated.

To see more cards from this year's bizarre collection, check out Topps' Facebook page.