Three young children run through a war-torn country with a soccer ball. They hide in fear as many masked people hurl Molotov cocktails toward riot police. But, by the end, everyone gathers to play soccer harmoniously.

This is just the beginning of the latest video in the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album. The album is a part of the 2014 Pepsi football campaign, where the goal is to bring together the world through experiences and the love of soccer. Santigold's "Kicking Down Doors" is inspired by English and German soldiers in World War I coming to temporary truce on Christmas to play some soccer

The latest installment is “Whoever We Are,” written and produced by megastar rapper Timbaland. Timbaland brought in Rachel Assil for the vocals, adding Assil to his long list of collaborating artists, which includes Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Ludacris and Nas.

The film was directed by Ross and Grant Kolton of The Kolton Brothers. The Kolton Brothers, who are working under the Honey Badger production group, have recently worked alongside The Belle Brigade, Gogol Bordello and the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.

"This short film began with the simple concept of a boy and his love for the game of football," Grant Kolton said. “But, the element of animation and the imagination brings the film out of this world. It is believable magic."

“Whoever We Are” is the seventh release from the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game Album. The project has already seen mixes and vocals from rising stars such as Kelly Rowland, R3hab, Don Omar and Hassan El Shafei of Egypt. Other directors that have been featured in the project include Spike Lee, Jessy Terrero, Diego Luna and Idris Elba.

More songs and short films are available for viewing.