The 2016 Super Bowl will be the 50th incarnation of the big game, but it won't be Super Bowl L.

The Roman numeral "L" is used to denote 50, but ESPN's Darren Rovell reports that the NFL has decided to ditch the "L" because of it's unflattering image.

The 2016 Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers.

"When we developed the Super Bowl XL logo, that was the first time we looked at the letter 'L,'" Jamie Weston, the league's vice president of brand and creative, told Rovell. "Up until that point, we had only worked with X's, V's and I's. And, at that moment, that's when we started to wonder what will happen when we get to 50?"

The Super Bowl 50 logo, below, will be the first in more than four decades not to include Roman numerals. The league started using numerals with Super Bowl V in 1971.

Weston told Rovell that her team was working on the Super Bowl 50 image since April 2013, and it had gone through 73 versions before coming to a consensus. The gold color of the "50" represents the game's golden anniversary as well as its location -- California aka The Golden State.

The NFL will return to numerals in 2017 for Super Bowl LI in Houston.