Move over, Seattle, New England and San Francisco. The NFL's hottest new franchise is now located in northeast Ohio.

According to an Associated Press report, an unidentified man in his mid-20s walked onto the field this week at Cleveland Browns practice looking for a tryout. The man had an equipment bag strapped to his back and is believed to have entered the facility through the team's indoor field house.

The man, a former high school football player, told Browns staffers that he came to Cleveland hoping to get a shot with an NFL team. Not Denver or Dallas or Baltimore. Cleveland.

That information, it seems, can be interpreted one of a few ways. Maybe the man figured the Browns, who are currently in the midst of an 11-season playoff drought, would be a good team to try out for because of their recent struggles.

Or perhaps the man wanted to get in on the Browns' recent wave of popularity. The team was the subject of the Kevin Costner movie Draft Day, and it has also been in the news recently after selecting polarizing quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round of last month's NFL draft.

Or maybe Cleveland was simply the most convenient destination for this guy.

In any event, the man was not deemed a threat and he was quickly escorted off the field by Browns personnel.

As one might imagine, folks on Twitter had a blast with the story: