Summertime car troubles are nothing new for Evan Turner.

Last July Turner's limo caught on fire as he and his teammates made their way to Jrue Holiday's wedding. No one was injured, but Turner and his party were temporarily stranded on the highway.

Recently the Indiana Pacers guard found himself stuck on the side of the road once again, except this time the misfortune was entirely his fault.

Turner's Ferrari ran out of gas on the highway, forcing him to call former Ohio State teammate P.J. Hill in need of some fuel. Thankfully, Hill recorded the ordeal and posted a video to Instagram:

To make matters worse, Turner's girlfriend was in the car with him when he ran out of gas. Hopefully Turner learns from this mistake and remembers to fill up the tank before taking loved ones or family (like his grandfather, below) out for a ride:

The car problems exacerbate what's been a rough stretch for Turner, the No. 2 overall pick of the 2010 NBA draft. After starting every game of the 2012-13 season in Philadelphia, Turner was traded to Indiana last season as the 76ers bottomed out. His minutes dropped dramatically (from 35 per game in Philadelphia to 21 a night in Indiana) and he only played a total of four minutes in the Pacers' Eastern Conference Finals series against the Miami Heat.