As if Toronto's tight first-round series against Brooklyn wasn't tense enough for fans, a pair of Raptors supporters have had to deal with an unexpected and unwelcome dose of celebrity following a kiss gone wrong.

During a big moment of Game 5 at Air Canada Centre, 24-year-old Matt Muszak went in for a smooch on his girlfriend, Sandra Chenier. Things didn't go so well for the poor guy:

The couple didn't think much of it in the moment, but upon learning their missed connection had been caught on television, they quickly set the record straight.

“It was never her intention to not kiss me," Muszak said. "She thinks that she was talking and I just went in to kiss her, not let her finish her sentence, but it doesn’t look like that – that’s for sure."

The video of the kiss was picked up across the internet and even discussed on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption."

So, in order to put the story to rest, the couple got together before Game 6 and kissed their problems goodbye.

For Muszak and Chenier's sake, let's hope this whole mess really wasn't as bad as it seemed.