Jose Manuel Ramiro is not famous. He is not arguably the best clay court player ever, and a winner of 13 Grand Slams and a world renowned tennis superstar.

He just happens to look like one.

Ramiro and his long-lost "twin brother," Rafael Nadal, met for the first time in Madrid. Nadal, who hails from Mallorca, was being honored as an Adoptive Son of Madrid. Ramiro lives in Spain's capital and works as a bus driver.

Here are the two men. In case you couldn't tell, Nadal is on the left:

Ramiro, who has worked as a body double for Nadal on a car commercial, says he is confused for the tennis star ever day. People stare at him in public and sometimes he'll even catch people looking up at the ceiling to see if they can spot the hidden camera.

Maybe one day Nadal and Ramiro can get together with their long-lost triplet, Ben Flajnik of season 16 of The Bachelor.

(H/T to For The Win)