Baseball, the sport of weird rituals and bizarre superstitions, just got its latest ridiculous routine.

Josh Reddick, Oakland's colorful outfielder, has been using George Michael's “Careless Whisper” as his walkup song this week. And it's been a smashing success in the Bay Area.

Fans immediately took to the song, which has a totally different sound than Reddick's normal hard rock or country selections.

"The fans are the funniest; it comes on and they're cheering and slow-dancing in the outfield," Reddick told Rolling Stone. "They seem to be having more fun with my walk-up song that the actual game."

Check out the scene Tuesday when Reddick came up to bat:

The song led to good vibes for Reddick at the plate, as he went 4-for-7 with a home run, a triple and three RBI in his first two games using the song.

"It's all the song," Reddick joked after Tuesday's 11-0 thrashing of the White Sox. "It's not my talent. It's all the song."

Alas, perhaps the magic wore off. Reddick went 0-for-3 Wednesday in Oakland's 4-2 loss to Chicago.