One of the NFL's most successful pitchmen, Drew Brees knows a thing or two about endorsing products.

Most of these items are things Brees uses, or claims to use, in his daily life. Some of Brees' larger sponsorships are with Tide, Wrangler and Nike. But Brees has gotten to the point where even if he doesn't use a product, and explicitly states that, he is still a good brand ambassador.

Thus is the case for the Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, which Brees is forbidden from riding due to his contract with the Saints. But Brees is familiar with the brand after a former teammate purchased one of the motorcycles, and he is the star of a new Can-Am Spyder commercial.

Yes, Can-Am did use a stunt double for parts of this commercial.

"We knew the restrictions from the beginning, as did Can-Am," Brees told "Ultimately because I can't ride it now doesn't mean I won't some day. The first chance I have to ride it on a closed course, you can bet I'll take advantage."

While tying Brees to its brand will most likely help the Can-Am Spyder, some of his other sponsors seem nervous that he is endorsing a brand that he can't use.