It's hard to tell whether a bizarre new auction better reflects the sad state of the Chicago Cubs or the mania surrounding New York Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka. Perhaps it's a bit of both.

Chicago's "Lovable Losers," who have the worst record in the majors, are selling the locker room chair used by Tanaka during the Yankees' series against the Cubs earlier this month. Bidding for the chair on MLB's official auction website has surpassed $300 on the fifth day of the one-week auction.

The chair's description is quite optimistic: "Derek Jeter's Last Regular Season Series at Wrigley Field." Not only did Jeter have nothing to do with the chair, but the phrase "last regular season series" implies that Jeter could return for a postseason series. That would, of course, be the World Series.

The Cubs, who don't exactly have the most illustrious playoff history, have a 1 percent chance of making the postseason.

Making this auction all the more awkward for the Cubs and their fans is that the team pushed hard to sign Tanaka in the offseason and likely finished as the runner up for his services. So the franchise is attempting to profit on a player who turned them down.

Tanaka is off to a stellar start to his MLB career. After 10 starts, he leads the AL in ERA (2.29) and is second in WHIP (0.98). He's 7-1, with his only loss coming on May 20 to the Cubs.