Carlos Gomez is an expert in defense, home runs and, apparently, kiwi.

The Milwaukee Brewers center fielder, who won last year's National League Gold Glove and leads the team with nine long balls, knows that he needs to educate himself in the ways of the aristocracy now that he has risen to the upper echelon of society. And that obviously means finding out everything there is to know about ... kiwi.

There's an amusing anecdote in a new Sports Illustrated story about Gomez. In it, teammate Ryan Braun says Gomez once lectured him on the merits of kiwi, explaining that a kiwi has much more potassium than a banana.

Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

"Braun, who would not discuss the Biogenesis case, is more than happy to talk about Gomez: He says that recently Gomez informed him, while holding a plate full of kiwi, that the fruit had three times as much potassium as bananas. "I asked him how he heard it," Braun says. "He told me, now that he's wealthy, he's been Googling rich-people conversations so he knows what wealthy people talk about, and he came across that data."

After stints with the Mets and Twins, Gomez seems to have finally settled in with the Brewers. His 2013 season, in which he was voted an All-Star while blasting 24 home runs and hitting .284, was the best of his career. Before that campaign he inked a three-year, $24 million contract with Milwaukee, so money shouldn't be an issue for Gomez.

Gomez should, however, double-check his facts. It turns out that kiwi has slightly less potassium than bananas.