With few pundits giving his team a chance against the Chicago Bulls, Wizards coach Randy Wittman reportedly offered his team a wager before Washington's first-round series. Should the Wizards knock off the Bulls, he would put down a slam dunk.

Perhaps Wittman didn't really think his team could beat Chicago, or perhaps he simply forgot about the wager. But the Wizards are currently taking on the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the playoffs and Wittman's players are getting anxious.

"Witt got to be a man of his word," Bradley Beal told the Washington Post. "He was supposed to do it last round. He had up until the first game to dunk. You know Witt, he needs a couple days to get stretched out. Hopefully he'll do it. I think he can do it. Maybe."

There certainly was a point in Wittman's life when he could dunk. The 6-foot-6 former shooting guard starred collegiately at Indiana and then in the NBA, where he played for 10 seasons. He's 54 now, and some of his players doubt that he could even get close to the rim.

"No way," All-Star John Wall said when asked about Wittman's chances. "No way. I don’t even think he can touch the net, to be honest."

Regardless of whether Wittman follows through on his word, he's already performed a bit of magic this spring. He became the first head coach in more than 20 years to win his first four road playoff games, and his Wizards are giving the top-seeded Pacers all they can handle after easily disposing of the Bulls in five games.