Rob Ford is a man of the people.

Toronto's jersey-wearing, chicken wing-devouring mayor is known to sympathize with the everyman.

So in deciding to attend Game 2 of the first-round playoff series between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets, Ford didn't want to sit courtside along with his city's richest businessmen and rap stars. No, Ford sat closer to the roof at Air Canada Centre.

According to the Toronto Sun, Ford and his driver, Jerry Agyemang, bought their tickets at the arena before the game and sat in Section 317.

"I love it up here," Ford said.

When Ford was shown on the Jumbotron, his image was met with a chorus of boos and cheers.

Ford yucked it up with the people around him and apologized to the couple who happened to be sitting next to him.

"These poor people are getting trampled," he said.

At least Ford had his own tickets this time, as he's been accused of stealing seats at other high profile games.

Ford has more of a stake in the series than most fans, as he has just finalized a bet with Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams. The loser has to send the winner his favorite hometown music. For Ford, that means music from either Drake or Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida. For Adams, that could be Jay-Z.

Not exactly the most interesting wager, but knowing how reporters might twist the story, Ford requested that alcohol not be included in the bet.