For a few speedy Marshall and Ohio State students, this season's spring games will provide the chance of a lifetime.

Both schools are holding promotions that allow several students to take on some of the fastest players on the football team. At Ohio State, that's running back Dontre Wilson and and receiver Devin Smith.

While only pride is on the line in Columbus, at Marshall there is a $3,000 prize for any student that can outrun a football player.

A student victory may seem unlikely, but reports out of Ohio State indicate that there are some legitimate challengers from the student pool. Apparently at least one student ran a 4.4 40-yard dash, which would be faster than all but nine prospects at this year's NFL Combine.

Wilson has reportedly run a 4.33 in the past. Smith isn't a track slouch either -- he qualified for the Ohio state high school meet in the 4x200 relay and was the state's long jump champion.

The Buckeyes threw in some football players during their final qualifying heats, and not all of them fared as well as you might expect.

Ohio State's spring game is set for April 12 while Marshall's is on April 26.