When a photo of DeSean Jackson signing his Washington contract appeared on Twitter, many people were drawn to a picture on the wall behind the wide receiver at Redskins Park.

See for yourself:

As it turns out, there's an amazing backstory for the photo. According to the Unknown Soldier Blog, the photo was taken a few years ago in Afghanistan. The dog in the photo, Blue, helps detect improvised explosive devices. He's dozing off next to his handler, Marine Lance Cpl. Jarrett Hatley, as Hatley takes a nap covered by a Redskins blanket. Next to Hatley is Lance Cpl. Matthew Scofield, 19, also a member of the 3rd Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment.

The photo was snapped by a 22-year-old corporal named Reece Lodder. Lodder spoke to the official blog of the United States Marine Corps about what he sees in the image.

“This photo is powerful because of its richness in feeling and theme," Lodder said, according to For The Win. "It contains elements that interest such a wide variety of people -- dirty, hardened Marines; challenging, tiring operations in Afghanistan; Hatley's golden Labrador retriever; and of course, the Redskins blanket. The photo is an unfiltered expression of life as I observed it in that moment. Challenging and exhausting, but rich in beautiful moments that are waiting to be observed and captured … if only we have the eyes to see them as they unfold."

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