He's won a Super Bowl, been named to two Pro Bowls and is now the third-highest paid quarterback on his own team.

Thus is life for Russell Wilson, who is still on his rookie contract, after the Seahawks traded for former Raiders starter Terrelle Pryor. Wilson will make about $660,000 in 2014 while Pryor is owed $705,000 and Tavaris Jackson will earn $1.25 million.

Wilson has skyrocketed into the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks during his first two years in the league. He hasn't missed a regular-season start and has combined for 52 touchdowns and just 19 interceptions. He's led his team to a 5-1 record in the postseason, including an extremely impressive Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos.

The 25-year-old Wilson is still on the four-year, $2.99 million contract he signed after getting selected by the Seahawks in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft. Under the stipulations of the NFL's 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, he cannot renegotiate his contract until after his third season. That's the upcoming season. Assuming he doesn't get hurt, Wilson should be in for a big payday soon.

How much could he make? Perhaps between 20 and 30 times what he is on track to make in 2014. Wilson already has as many Super Bowl rings and more Pro Bowl appearances than Baltimore Ravens starter Joe Flacco, who earns $20 million per year. Jay Cutler, who has never been to the Super Bowl and has one Pro Bowl selection, recently re-signed with the Chicago Bears for an annual average salary of $18 million.

Until next year Wilson will have to rely on his considerable endorsement potential to make up for the glaring salary gap.

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