Ah, the life of a professional boxer.

Several days after beating Timothy Bradley in his latest Las Vegas megabout, Manny Pacquiao and his buddies were in Los Angeles and on the way to the airport when they decided to stop by the mall. As TMZ reports, the crew hit up Nordstrom's and Pacquiao told his friends to buy whatever they wanted.

TMZ confirmed with one of Pacquiao's buddies as well as with the store itself that Pacquiao's 50-man entourage dropped $20,000 at Nordstrom's and the boxer paid for it all. While most of his friends bought several shirts and a pair of pants, Pacquiao reportedly picked up some Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

Of course, this purchase is just a drop in the bucket for Pacquiao, who was guaranteed $20 million for his victory over Bradley and whose career earnings have exceeded $300 million.

This being Los Angeles, Pacquiao couldn't escape the mall without bumping into another celebrity. And at the mall's Apple store he happened to see Justin Bieber.

The encounter must have been a little awkward, seeing as Bieber is a proclaimed fan of Pacquiao's rival, Floyd Mayweather.

After Pacquiao's 2012 defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, Bieber posted some controversial memes of the boxer as he lay unconscious on the mat.