Calvin Johnson is so unstoppable that even NFL officials can't prevent the Detroit Lions' star from having his way.

Many thought that Johnson, the four-time Pro Bowler who holds the NFL's record for most receiving yards in one season, would have to change his post-touchdown tradition of dunking on the goal post after the league banned the popular celebration last month. The NFL's action comes after one of Jimmy Graham's 2013 celebrations bent a goalpost and caused a delay in the game.

But Johnson apparently isn't fazed by the NFL's decree, and over the weekend he said he'll continue dunking after touchdowns but without making contact with the crossbar of the goalpost.

"I'm still going to dunk," Johnson said at his football camp. "I just won't touch the rim."

This is certainly a big issue for Johnson, who tallied 12 receiving touchdowns in 2013 and set the Lions' franchise record with 16 in 2011.

Unfortunately Johnson's strategy likely won't help him avoid a fine, as the NFL seems intent on banning any sort of crossbar dunking. Still, after signing an eight-year, $132 million contract extension with the Lions in 2012, Johnson should have some extra funds to pay off any fines he receives.

It looks like Johnson isn't the only one who doesn't plan on changing his ways. Graham, who appears to be the inspiration for the rule, has indicated that he will keep his signature celebration.