Whether he's in season or not, Chris Bosh is living in style.

That is simply one of the takeaways from an interesting new report from HoopsHype, which details the real estate dealings of the NBA's superstars. While seven NBA players are earning more money than Bosh this year, no one, it seems, has invested more in real estate than the Miami Heat big man.

The nine-time NBA All-Star owns two of three three priciest homes out of anyone in the league. Bosh, who is making $19 million this season, has a $12.3 million crib in Miami and a $9.4 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Only Kobe Bryant, who owns two California properties worth a combined $18 million, can rival Bosh's luxurious digs. Inked at around $30 million per year, Bryant is making $11 million more in salary than Bosh. Bryant has made nearly $200 million in his career and is the NBA's top earning player (endorsements included), pulling in upwards of $50 million each year.

So just what is Bosh getting at each of these mansions? In Miami, Bosh's house has seven bedrooms, an elevator and a gym. In Los Angeles, Bosh's pad has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a movie theater. He leases the Los Angeles home for $45,000 a month.

Here's the rest of the top 10, via HoopsHype:

For a complete list, including a state-by-state breakdown, see the original report on HoopsHype.