In their effort to get to know everything about a certain prospect, teams have asked some pretty strange questions over the years at the NFL Combine.

This year that included inquiries about paper clips and bricks, among other things.

The Cleveland Browns are gaining the most attention for their strange assortment of questions, which included probing prospects about how many things they can do with a brick or a paper clip.

Former Arkansas center Travis Swanson said he was a little thrown off when a Browns scout asked him at the Senior Bowl to name all the things he could do with a brick in one minute.

"I think I said, ‘You could use it as a doorstop. You could start to build something. I think that’s about all I got,'" Swanson recalls.

A few other questions stick out as particularly strange:

While there was no shortage of wacky, it is nice to hear that NFL teams scaled back on their questions regarding sexual orientation. In the wake of some controversy last year, as well as former Missouri star Michael Sam's coming out, the NFL reminded teams to avoid discriminatory questions.

Sam said that during his meetings with teams he was not asked about his sexual orientation.