Championship parades don't come around often in Seattle.

Before the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in Sunday's Super Bowl, the city's last title in one of the Big Four sports came in 1979, when the SuperSonics won the NBA title.

So it's understandable that there is considerable excitement and anticipation for the Seahawks' celebratory parade. And while thousands of fans are expected to flood into Seattle on Wednesday for the event, there's been somewhat of a struggle over whether kids should be excused from schools.

Seattle Public Schools superintendent Jose Banda originally said that kids who were absent Wednesday would be given an unexcused absence. That position prompted considerable pushback from public figures (including Pete Carroll and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray) as well as members of Seattle's "12th Man."

"Heck yeah they should," Carroll said. "There's some big educating going on this Wednesday. Seriously, in my mind, it really is about the kids. It starts a memory about following your team that lasts a lifetime. This is all what it's all about.

"And I feel so humbled about bringing this championship back to Seattle. There's no fan base that deserves this more, one that has supported this team with more passion and love and spirit. So yeah, shut down school. Let's do this celebration rightfully and peacefully."

Murray sent out this tweet:

Eventually Banda changed his stance, giving school principals the "discretion" to excuse students for the parade.

In the wake of Banda's decision, a few schools were closed on Wednesday and other had early dismissal so students could attend the parade.