Finally, Miami has a sports franchise to be excited about (other than, you know, the Heat).

One week after officially announcing his plans to bring an MLS franchise to Miami, David Beckham is getting specific with the club's details.

Sources told the Palm Beach Post that three names have surfaced as leads for Beckham's club: one is undisclosed and tied to a sponsor, and the other two are the Miami Current and the Miami Vice.

According to the Post, those are the three names that Beckham's group has been using in presentations to the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and potential investors. A color scheme for the club has been leaked, and it features aqua jerseys with black shorts that include a pink flair.

The Miami Vice named received mostly positive reviews on Twitter:

Beckham's publicist, Simon Oliviera, has denied the report.

And while Miami Vice is pretty catchy, one man had an even better suggestion: