Normally when a franchise learns about one of its assets getting injured in a pickup game, there is widespread disappointment.

That was certainly not the case in New Orleans.

In a press release, the Pelicans announced that their mascot, Pierre, got injured while playing against some other NBA mascots in a pickup game. The injury, unfortunately, will require surgery on Pierre's beak. New Orleans says that the surgery was performed over the weekend by team physician Dr. Mathew McQueen.

“This will be a rather unconventional surgery for us. I am not sure we have something to compare this to,” McQueen said in the release. "It will be quite complicated and will require the use of some unconventional tools and instruments to reconstruct his beak."

The team posted this photo of the accident:

Almost no one will be sad to hear that the mascot is getting a new look, seeing as its old appearance was deemed "terrifying" and "too scary for children."

The timing of the "injury" couldn't be better for New Orleans, as presumably Pierre will be back in time for this weekend, when the Pelicans host the All-Stat Game.

In all seriousness, you've got to credit New Orleans for going about this in a fun way. The team, in its first year as the Pelicans, recognized a need for change and swiftly took action.

(H/T to Extra Mustard)