A Super Bowl party in Rochester, N.Y., took a violent turn late Sunday night.

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, a local man bit his brother's ear off while the two engaged in some roughhousing following the game.

The man, Sean Fallon-Nebbia (below), was hosting a Super Bowl party at his home. According to court papers, Fallon-Nebbia and his brother, Frank, had been drinking together during the game. They started fighting toward the end of the party, and Sean is charged with disfiguring his brother's ear and punching him in the face enough times to knock him unconscious.

Fallon-Nebbia pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree assault Monday and will return to court on Friday. City Court Judge Melchor Casto issued an order of protection for Frank Fallon-Nebbia, who suffered severe bleeding and was taken to the hospital following the party. A doctor who treated the injury told police that the ear is likely permanently disfigured.