If Kobe Bryant is the "Black Mamba" and LeBron James is "King James," then what is the official nickname for the NBA's other megastar, Kevin Durant?

Fans on Twitter have bestowed Durant the moniker "Slim Reaper" for his thin frame and his uncanny poise late in games. But the man himself has said he's not on board with that.

While "KD" is fine -- Dwyane Wade goes by "D-Wade" and Allen Iverson used "AI" -- it leaves a lot to the imagination. Durant's lack of a catchy nickname has even been mocked in one of his own commercials:

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In a recent interview with Bill Simmons, the NBA's leading scorer offered his choice for a nickname -- "The Servant."

"I like to serve everybody. My teammates. Ushers at the game. The fans," Durant said. "I know it's kinda weird to make your own nickname, but I like that one better."

While Durant certainly does need to be given some input in his own nickname, his choice isn't as marketable as Black Mamba or King James.

Tom Ley posted a takedown of Durant's choice in a Deadspin article.

"Not only is "The Servant" a terrible nickname, it's a nickname that Durant has given himself for all the wrong reasons. It's the kind of nickname that reinforces the fetishization of Durant's "humility" and "graciousness" that started when a post-The Decision world cried out for an egoless anti-LeBron."

Plus, "The Servant" wouldn't look great on one of the NBA's new nickname jerseys. The search for a nickname for Durant, it seems, continues. And if we learned nothing else from George Costanza, it's just bad form to pick your own nickname.