Ray Allen has lasted 18 years in the NBA thanks to a silky smooth shot, an incredible mind for the game and ... regular pedicures?

The 38-year-old brought his fellow Heat teammates in for some pedicures during the team's trip to Los Angeles. LeBron James, Udonis Haslem and Roger Mason accompanied Allen. Each of the men posted a photo of their trip to Instagram. Here's Allen's:

"How else do you think I've been able to stay around for 18 years. You gotta take care of your dawgs cuz they take care of you. Women know this but fellas your feet take a beating so get a pedicure every now and then."

And here's James' photo:

"Getting this great pedicure/foot massage+ shoulder/neck massage at the same dang time! Have to take care of your dogs Men! It's part of our life blood! Essentials keys to life"

Here's what Haslem wrote:

"Getting a lil work done on my dogs with @kingjames, @moneymase8, @rayn34. Ray says this is one of the keys to having a lengthy career. Hell if I knew wrapping my feet up like peanut butter and jelly was gon help get me 18 years I could've been trying this at home. Lol."

James has never been afraid to try procedures that are typically associated with women. Two years ago he posted a photo of himself doing Pilates in preparation for the Summer Olympics. Lo and behold, James led the United States to a gold medal.

Teammates Dwyane Wade didn't join James and Co., but Wade has been a proponent of "sports pedicures" for years.