Before you pass judgment on Kobe Bryant for signing a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension while his franchise struggles to rebuild, know this: Haircuts aren't as cheap as they used to be.

TMZ got its hands on an invoice for one of Bryant's grooming bills from a recent commercial shoot, and it is exorbitant to say the least. The Lakers superstar apparently received a $725 grooming treatment which, combined with a 15 percent tip, came out to cost Nike $833.75.

And yes, Kobe is bald.

TMZ spoke with a rep from Nike, who offered this quote about the star's "grooming":

"Kobe doesn't typically wear makeup during the shoots, so the grooming would be primarily for hair."

OK, so Kobe doesn't wear makeup during commercial shoots, but there's got to be something missing here. A $750 haircut is absurd, so perhaps Kobe had some other work done that will be revealed when the commercial is released. These shoots can be glitzy, and it's not like the hairdressers were working with much when they styled Bryant.

Or, maybe Bryant's haircuts are simply super expensive. After receiving a $24.3 million check from the Lakers in November he's certainly got the dough to afford it.