It's time for one of his biggest speeches in months, and what does President Barack Obama want to watch on television before he strolls onto the floor for his State of the Union address?

Basketball, of course.

According to a tweet by NBC News reporter Luke Russert, the president wanted televisions in his holding room turned to ESPN for the Michigan State-Iowa basketball game. Alas, the Sports Fan-In-Chief was overruled.

It's a shame, too, because the game was excellent. In what may be one of the deciding contests in the race for the Big Ten title, No. 7 Michigan State squeaked past No. 15 Iowa in overtime, 71-69.

Obama is a huge basketball fan and when he's not able to watch the games on television, or when his staff forbids him from doing so, he catches the highlights on ESPN. He's even joked that after his time in the White House he'd like to serve as a SportsCenter host.

(H/T to Extra Mustard)