If you think Nicki Minaj looks different on the new cover of ESPN The Magazine, don't adjust your computer screen.

The pop star herself claims her photo, in which she poses alongside Lakers star Kobe Bryant, was retouched. She posted the photos on Twitter and blasted ESPN The Magazine for altering her look.

"When retouching goes wrong," Minaj wrote with this photo:

"I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length," Minaj captioned this image:

Here are some more of Minaj's photos from the shoot:

Aside from the retouching issue, the shoot seems to have gone well. Both Bryant and Minaj said they enjoyed working with one another for the special issue, which focuses on the intersection between sports and music.

“I’ve obviously admired her work from afar, as we all have," Bryant said. "My whole family, we’re all big Nicki fans. I just think it’s fascinating the way she’s been able to create this entire world around what Nicki Minaj is and what she represents for not just women, but kids as a whole.”