Add Nancy Pelosi's name to the list of sports fan who approve of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's numerous tattoos.

Pelosi, the House Minority Leader whose district covers much of San Francisco, expressed her support for her beloved 49ers at a news conference this week. In addition to showing off her 49ers-themed bracelet, she made sure to give a shout-out to Kaepernick.

“We love our quarterback," Pelosi said, "the tattoos, the big arms, the whole deal.”

Pelosi's comments come at around the 1:10 mark of the video below.

It seems like eons ago that a sports columnist set off a firestorm by criticizing Kaepernick's look. Since then Kaepernick has received support from all corners of the sports world and, now, from Washington, D.C. His signature celebration, kissing his bicep after scoring, was a direct response to that column.

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(H/T to For The Win)