Within the span of a few minutes Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went from NFL star to national sensation.

And while some have derided Sherman for his seemingly pompous postgame remarks about how he is the best cornerback in the NFL, the interviewer who asked Sherman the questions says she has no problem with his responses.

In an interview with Laken Litman of USA Today, Andrews says she would rather have an interview like the one with Sherman than another cliché-ridden rant.

“Athletes don’t do that. They’re usually composed,” Andrews said. “They usually take a minute and that’s why we grab them right after games because we hope they lose their minds like that, we hope they show pure joy. We hope he does the same thing at the Super Bowl. We don’t want a watered-down version of him.”

Andrews reiterated her stance on Twitter following the game.

Andrews said it's hard to blame Sherman, who backtracked on some of his comments Monday, for displaying such raw emotions moments after a play he made sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

“You expect these guys to play like maniacs and animals for 60 minutes,” Andrews said. “And then 90 seconds after he makes a career-defining, game-changing play, I’m gonna be mad because he’s not giving me a cliché answer, ‘That’s what Seahawks football is all about and that’s what we came to do and we practice for those situations.’ No you don’t. That was awesome. That was so awesome. And I loved it.”