Dwyane Wade celebrated his 32nd birthday with an extremely elaborate party that included a three-story yacht (plus a matching jacket), multiple cakes and a display case full of expensive shoes.

But did you expect anything less?

These Miami Heat, known for a style of flashy play that matches the reputation of their city, have thrown some impressive birthday bashes over the years. Chris Bosh has had several over-the-top cakes, including this one, a chocolate elephant covered in jewels and ridden by a figurine of Bosh himself wearing a turban. LeBron James hasn't done too bad for himself, either.

Over the weekend Wade threw a ritzy party that one-upped his teammates' impressive efforts. Wade, who turns 32 on Jan. 17, celebrated on a personalized three-story Yacht.

Being the fashion guru that he is, Wade even had a custom jacket that matched the design of the yacht.

Many of Wade's teammates turned up for the event, and LeBron James couldn't help but tweet how impressed he was with the digs.

Shoes were a big part of the night, and Wade rocked some colorful Li-Ning Way of Wade kicks.

Additionally, one of Wade's birthday cakes was sneaker themed.

Below are some more photos from the event: