Broncos players are more than relieved to be done with their Super Bowl week media obligations, and not just because they're tired of having cameras shoved in their faces by "journalists" wearing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart costumes.

No, the Broncos had an added challenge this week -- they had to conduct some of their interviews on a cruise ship in Jersey City, N.J. And while the ship was docked, about a dozen players reported suffering from symptoms of seasickness.

“I don’t like the boat,” Broncos cornerback Quentin Jammer said. “I’m not feeling very good with all this rocking. I don’t know who thought to have these interviews on the boat, but it’s really not a good idea.”

Other players reported feeling queasy, having headaches or suffering from motion sickness.

"I don’t like the water," safety David Bruton said. "I've seen ‘Titanic.’ Being on a boat makes me nervous. I can’t look out the window, because that’s when I see the boat moving up and down. Makes it worse. So I just look at my phone.”

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks had their scheduled media availability in a ballroom at a hotel about a mile away. Both sessions were arranged by the NFL and presumably the teams were assigned randomly, although it's fair to wonder if the Seahawks would have been more comfortable at sea.