Bill Belichick has a reputation for being grumpy, but not until now do we have a metric to measure just how sour the New England Patriots coach really is.

The Wall Street Journal has produced another fantastic NFL study (to complement this one) which documents the number of times Belichick smiled at postgame news conferences this year.

The grand total? Seven.

Yup, despite a relatively strong season for the Patriots (a 12-4 record and a first round playoff bye), Belichick grinned only seven times following games.

Below is each instance of Belichick cracking a smile (image via the Wall Street Journal):

As you'll notice, Belichick only smiled after wins and several of his grins were prompted by sarcastic comments (joking about Tom Brady's running ability, apologizing to reporters for making them rewrite their stories after a wild finish). The one time Belichick laughed was when former New England linebacker Rosevelt Colvin snuck into the press conference and asked Belichick about the best linebacker he ever coached from Indianapolis.

For a detailed description of each smile, see here.