Jimmie Johnson won't soon forget what he did in Vegas.

Unlike the guys from the popular movie The Hangover, the NASCAR superstar documented his trip to Sin City.

While in Las Vegas for NASCAR's Champion's Week, the six-time Sprint Cup champ and his buddies recreated several of the more memorable scenes from The Hangover and posted the pictures to Instagram. The results are outstanding and, as anyone who has seen the movie knows, pretty accurate.

Here are Johnson's photos, accompanied by their corresponding tweets.

And last but not least, actor Ken Jeong, who starred in the films, joined in on the fun.

Johnson, who says he loved the movie, spoke to USA Today about the generation of the brilliant idea.

"I sent out a tweet (referencing the Hangover) and the response got us all thinking about things," he said. "My office is out here – they traveled with me on Monday – and before I knew it, I came back to my room and there was a stuffed tiger, a little chicken, a baby, little outfits for the baby, a carrier, the whole thing. It was like, hey, we could have some fun with this."

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