Even by the standards of a professional sports mascot, the humiliation suffered by Hooper this weekend was extreme.

Hooper, a horse who has served as the Detroit Pistons' mascot since 1996, was unexpectedly jumped by several Brooklyn Nets players before Friday's game between the Pistons and the Nets.

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Not only did Hooper get his revenge, his team topped the Nets, 103-99.

On Sunday the Pistons hosted Robin Lopez and the streaking Trail Blazers. Of course Lopez's twin brother, Brook, plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Before Sunday's game Robin Lopez and Hooper exchanged some words on Twitter.

Undaunted, Hooper donned a wig that appeared to be resembling Robin Lopez's hair before Sunday's game. Ticked off, Lopez stole the wig from Hooper and taunted the poor horse.

Hooper never returned the favor to Lopez, and to make matters worse his Pistons lost in overtime to the Trail Blazers.