While skill position players are almost always the recipients of the Heisman Trophy, none of them could have won the award without a solid offensive line.

Unfortunately, there's only one trophy to go around. But that might change if Boston College's Andre Williams wins the award on Saturday.

Williams had a remarkable year for the Golden Eagles, finishing with 2,102 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns. He was the nation's leading rusher and will be one of six Heisman finalists in New York City on Saturday.

In an interview with ESPNBoston, Williams said if he won, he has an idea for how to share the award for the offensive lineman that paved the way for his record-breaking season.

“If I actually win the Heisman Trophy,” he told Jack McCluskey, “I’ll chop it up into equal pieces and they can all take a piece of it home.”

While it's unclear if Williams was joking, it's probably not a proposal that the Heisman Trust has to worry about. Williams was given 70-1 odds by college football handicapper Brian Edwards to win the award.

It's a nice thought by Williams, though, and maybe he can do this if he wins the Doak Walker Award.

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